When should I stop letting my kids see me naked?

Children can come to their own conclusions about the importance of privacy when showering over time. But the common question remains; When should I stop letting my kids see me naked? It may not have been a concern for you until your 3-year-old comes up to you asking questions about your anatomy.

From my experience, I find that there isn’t a magic age when you’re supposed to stop showering or changing in front of your child. Each family is different in their comfort levels when it comes to nudity in front of the children. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that kids may tend to want privacy at a certain point, and shy away from seeing their parents naked when they become more aware of their bodies. There isn’t a science that will point you in the direction for this one I’m afraid. If you’re really struggling with this question, there are steps you can take. For example, watch for cues, talk about personal boundaries, and of course, consider both sides and their needs. Play close attention when it’s necessary.

Comfort is key. But a major guideline to follow is your child’s lead. When your daughter asks for privacy or goes to the bathroom to change her clothes, take it as a message that she needs personal space. This is a good cue for you to stop showering in front of your kids. If your child continues to be unbothered, you won’t need to force the issue.


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