Badger Baby Balm

First of all, how cute is the packaging! I saw it from a distance in the store the other day and I was instantly attracted to it. I have used it for the past couple of days and I am very impressed thus far. 

On their website, Badger promise to make "soothing and healing balms for your hands, feet, lips and body, made from the purest ingredients on Earth! Safe and effective sunscreens and bug repellents - good for you, your family, and the planet"

At first, I wasn't totally sure what a Baby 'Balm' could be referring to, at first instance, I assumed it would be for a nappy rash or eczema cream. Behind the little jar, it says "For delicate skin anywhere on your baby. Great for adults with sensitive skin too! Mild. Safe. Calming. Rub it in."

Like most baby products, I love trying them on myself first, both for safety and pampering reasons. To me, if it's safe and gentle for a baby's skin, it's definitely good for adults too.

My skin feels lovely and moisturised after using the balm, I use it mainly for my arms, elbows and hands. It has a smooth soft texture and does not feel greasy or uncomfortable at all. And once the jar is empty, I'm thinking of using the little jar to keep my little earrings in them! It makes for a nice decorative item too.

I love how the packaging is tight, and compact, I can easily bring it with me anywhere I go. It's a great general purpose balm that can help soothe away any itchiness from mosquito bites, nettle rash, or sunburn.


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