Be prepared to see your parents in a new light

There is so much about parenting that can only be appreciated through experience, including appreciating your parent's decisions and actions when they had to take care of you as you grow up.

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Since having my own son, I have a new respect for what it takes to be a parent. When I was pregnant, I have been told a couple times "you will learn to appreciate your mom more" and other things along those lines but it never really got to me until I had my own baby.

If I could go back to my little self I would tell myself to clean up after myself, to stop fighting with my brother, and to always be thankful for all the endless opportunities that my parents have given me. All the love and support I constantly received unconditionally.

I also had some post-birth realisations about my parents that were very emotional for me. I never understood the love a mother has for her child, and it made me love my mother even more. I am motivated to be a good parent to my baby because of the newfound appreciation I have for my mother - if I can even be half as amazing as she was to me.

Written by Melissa Jo


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