Mama Hour is a team of moms that are passionate about talking about mom things, baby things, food things, husband things, and almost everything else that we go through on this bumpy parenthood journey. If this is something you can relate to, you are going to feel right at home!

Mama hour is a blog page that was started by Raisa, from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Since Mama Hour began, it has become sponsored by a local subscription box company called Wiggle Boks, and grown to include a variety of writers and contributors of enthusiastic moms that wish to share their stories, experiences, and opinions with all of you. With this, you will hear that the voices in each content may be different from one another, but we all share the same passion and purpose of sharing our parenthood journey with you - because we understand the importance of helping each other, and having each other's back (especially when dealing with little ones!).

Raisa is the lead writer of Mama Hour, a 27-year-old full-time legal consultant who is passionate about her family, food, her small businesses, and most of all, travelling. Here at Mama Hour, most of her content focuses on family life, pregnancy and motherhood ❤

Mama Hour is now slowly spreading across the country, trying to connect with others and be a resource for other moms.

We welcome new ideas, new topics to discuss, and we are definitely into funny stories and moments you have had with your little ones!

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