Can I eat spicy food when breastfeeding?

Just like everything else we as moms do (or try to do) going on this new parenthood journey, most of the things go by trial and error; and learning from other moms. If your baby seems upset or irritable after breastfeeding, it could be of what you have recently had for lunch.

I am sure you know that you are not to take much caffeine during breastfeeding because chances are, it can make your baby
restless and unsettled. Which means your caffeine intake should be just about a cup a day, or less.

This shows that traces of what you eat will enter your milk, so try eating a milder diet to see if it makes a difference. If your baby looks like he is enjoying your breastmilk after you've had something spicy, then it's all good.

Some moms that I have met have told me that eating flavourful foods could actually benefit your baby. To an extent it changes the flavour of your breastmilk, introducing your baby to the idea of different tastes - becoming more adventurous to try new flavours as he grows older ..which kinda makes sense.

Written by Melissa Jo


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