You have an almighty excuse now

When you see a positive on that pee stick telling you that you are pregnant, get excited because you just hit the super lotto of excuses! You get to use the pregnant card, then the baby card for the many many years ahead of you.

These are golden days that should not be squandered, and you can get out of almost any event you don't feel like attending by playing the "baby is not well" or "baby is teething" card, and no one will ever question you. Because what new mother would leave her 'sort of feverish' infant in the care of a nanny?

You get to use these great excuses with no loss of honour, even your best friend can't be mad at you for missing her wedding. Gone are the days when you were childless and you pretty much had to get smart to talk your way out of a work potluck luncheon, or a friend's bridal shower.

Approximately 98% of the time you will be telling the truth when you decline invites with your living breathing excuse.


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