Be careful what you say, your baby is listening

I have heard from so many people, and also did some reading online where I found that the best way to activate your baby's speech is to continue having one-sided conversations with them even if they are not able to respond with words just yet. Having conversations with your baby when you receive only "goos" and "gaaas" in return will actually help your baby switch on the mechanics of their brains which is needed to say their own words one day.

A baby's brain is engaged in trying to respond to you right from the start, and speaking with them helps them find activation in motor areas of the brain - figuring out how to make the right movements and soon produce the sounds to respond to you. This is extremely interesting to me and I have been sharing this with almost everyone I know with little babies (and are talking to their babies in 'baby language') they should just speak to them normally. The importance of talking to babies (having conversations in real words and not baby language) during social interactions will help exercise their brains, going beyond what we have thought happens when we talk to them, even if they can't respond yet. Their brains are preparing them to act on the world by practising how to speak and communicate before they actually know how to say out words.

Photo by @jessicatootoo


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