When will my belly begin to show?

Are you still not looking pregnant?

It is really hard to compare when it comes to the size of your belly. Like always, every mom is different. Different in body size, weight, height, and not to mention, if it is your first pregnancy, second or third; these factors into the size of your baby bump. If this is your first pregnancy, it is more likely to show later than other moms who have been pregnant before.

When you're about three months and the top of your uterus has grown up and out of the pelvic cavity, you'll probably be able to see your bump growing slightly more. For me personally, being a small person, my belly only started to really show in my 15th week. That too, people were probably thinking it was because I had a little too much to eat!

I've also had a friend who was 10 weeks pregnant and she looked like she was 5 months pregnant! It is all dependant on the factors mentioned above.

Written by Natalie


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