7 best stretch mark creams you can buy

Stop stretch marks in their tracks, or get rid of the ones you have with these awesome products!

Either it's pregnancy stretch marks, or some pesky streaks you have developed over the years, we have brought together some serious product solutions so you don't have to live with those marks forever!

These lines on your skin aren't harmful but they aren't that great to look at either. They often appear when your body grows too quickly and your skin can't keep up with the growth, hence stretching its way creating marks across your thighs or bum. They often happen when you're pregnant, gained some weight, when you workout (bodybuilding), or simply because your skin is too dry.

Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic, and when you don't have enough, the marks show up as stretches. To prevent stretch marks, or lessen the ones you already have, you should use products that contain collagen ingredients or hyaluronic acid. Products with these ingredients can tighten your skin and improve your skin texture.

See below for the best stretch mark removal creams and find one that is just right for your belly, breasts, your bum, or wherever!

We are aware that not all of these products you can get in stores in Malaysia, but you can definitely get them online.


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