Exercising during pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy are generally safe. Bear in mind that this is not the time for a weight loss program but rather to keep you healthy and energetic. You are always encouraged to consult your doctor or your midwife to make sure that your exercise routine is not harmful to you and your baby.

Some tips for you to take away:
1. Maintain a moderate workout - if you start feeling lightheaded or out of breath when you talk, you are probably doing a bit too much. Remember that it is normal to feel tired faster than when you are not pregnant, so listen to your body and rest.

2. Drink plenty of water before and after your workout.

3. Avoid any intense and strenuous exercises in hot or humid weather that might make you dizzy or lightheaded.

3. If you are attending a workout class, make sure that your trainer is fully qualified and is fully aware of your pregnancy. Don't allow your trainer to force you to do more than you can - again, listen to your body.

4. You could try swimming as swimming helps with supporting your increased body weight. Remember not to dive or hold your breath for too long underwater as your baby needs the oxygen you breathe in. Keep your breathing steady and continuous while you are swimming.

Exercises to avoid:
1. Don't take part in contact sports where there is a chance of getting hit or sports where there is a chance of falling - such as kickboxing, tennis, football, skiing, or horse riding.

2. Don't take part in exercises where you will get too hot, or go to the sauna for that matter. Your body's temperature is slightly higher during pregnancy hence intense exercises can increase your core temperature which may be unsafe for your baby. Exercise only in cool ventilated spaces and drink plenty of fluids!

Written by Raisa Mia


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