São Miguel Face Mask

A bentonite clay mask made from weathering of volcanic ash.

This could be my third time applying the São Miguel purifying clay mask in the past 10 days. It's in powder form so all I needed to do was to add some water to it, you could add a little or slightly more water depending on how you would like the texture to be.

Mine looks like this (photo below) and I use a clean foundation brush to mix and apply. I suppose you could also use a fan brush for this but I misplaced mine recently! But please remember to use only non-metallic container and utensils to mix (as mentioned at the back of the packaging) - to save you from reading a wordy scientific explanation, it is simply because metal spoons and bowls will reach with the clay and reduce most of its healing properties.

São Miguel is a mixture of bentonite clay, activated charcoal and green tea leaves which makes a great trio in face masks. When bentonite clay is mixed with water, it creates an electric charge (which is also a reason why you shouldn't use metal as it will reduce its 'electric charge' needed to enhance your skin elasticity and rejuvenation)

"Bentonite clay is a mineral-rich clay that has the ability to absorb substances it comes in contact with. It’s also anti-inflammatory, making it especially soothing on the skin."

How to use:
Apply the mixture on face and neck for 15-20 mins (or until you feel your skin tighten and clay is all dried up) and wash gently with warm water (without soap). To moisturize after the mask application, I apply a generous amount of coconut oil on my skin after the mask keeping it natural and free of chemical products.

It is normal for your face to look a bit red after use, this is due to the small electrical charges that bentonite clay produces to activate your skin cells and regenerate your skin. Your skin colour will go back to normal in just 10 mins. 

I have read online that some users have used it for other parts of the body as well, to soothe skin rashes and psoriasis. But it's always best to test it out on a small area of the skin first (especially if you have extremely sensitive skin) and consult your dermatologist for these conditions before applying any products on your rash or other skin conditions (regardless if the product is all natural or not)

You can get this São Miguel Face Mask on their website at www.coconutcharcol.com or visit their instagram page @coconutcharcol to purchase them from nearby stockists or agents. They are priced at RM72 a pack, and it can last you up to 4-5 applications!


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