8 top educational toys for babies

Choosing the right educational toys for babies can be fun and complex. Check out this list of top 8 educational toys for your baby!

It is no doubt that toys offer extensive amusement and entertainment for babies. However, that’s not the only deal.

Children can learn important concepts through interactive and engaging play. As such, Learning toys that can introduce numbers, shapes animals, letters and much more can be an excellent source to improve and learn a great extent of skill sets too.

Choosing the right educational toys for babies can be challenging knowing that babies are still at the beginning stage of picking up their skill sets.

Here’s a list of choices of 8 top educational toys for babies that will suit your baby the best!

1. Shape sorting toys

Source: https://infantino.com/products/jumbo-shape-sorter

Age recommendation: babies 6 months and up

Skills developed: eye-hand coordination, shape recognition, memory recall, shape recognition, finger dexterity.
We’ve seen this almost everywhere as this is one of the most popular baby toys, for the good reason, of course. They’re one of the best development toys for babies in improving their fine problem-solving and motor skills through this adorable set.

2. Personalized name puzzle

Age recommendation: babies and children up to 5 years old 

Skills developed: eye-hand coordination, letters recall, colour recognition, shape recognition, general dexterity of arms

‘Fitting things together’ can be checked off your baby’s To-Learn list, thanks to this cute personalized puzzle. Plus, you get to give them a head start on spelling their own name. This toy spans for all ages and abilities.

3. Plush baby books

Source: http://www.tgustore.com/266-plush-baby-book-colours.html

Age recommendation: 1 month old until toddlers up to 3 years old

Skills developed: eye-hand coordination, letters recall, color recognition, shape recognition, general dexterity of arms

Any plush baby books would be any babies’ favorite toys! It’s designed to intrigue the little ones whilst helping them developing motor skills and such. With washable fabric, this toy is made of different fabrics along with hidden features like crinkling components and mirrors to keep the interest of your baby.

4. Sort & count

Source: https://www.amazon.com/ALEX-Jr-Sort-and-Count/dp/B006WCN6XI

Age recommendation: 10 months old and up babies

Skills developed: basic problem-solving skill, memory recall

Babies’ spatial awareness can be taught at such an early age and this toy is there to help. In the meantime, basic counting, the introduction of colours and shapes could be greatly taught here through the colourful design. It also encourages babies to have imagination in their play. Besides, the wooden blocks are safe for chewing on.

5. World discovery activity gym

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/137289488687979037/?lp=true

Age recommendation: newborns up to 6 months

Skills developed: basic problem-solving skill, memory recall

Sometimes, the classics offer the best toys for infants. Like baby gym activity center for example. It can be simply put on your floor while having your baby reaching for toys. This builds muscles and helps develop their hand-eye coordination. Typically, plush toys are outfitted with mirror, bells, rattle, and so on to teach baby about space, texture and sound all in one.

Age recommendation: 6 months until 2 years old

Skills developed: nimbleness of fingers, cause and effect, memory recall, fine motor skills

4 pop-up animals are ready to pop out and play with your baby. This simple learning toy ascended each character in accordance to the colors. Each of these friendly characters emerges and is controllable with a button that varies in mechanism -- slider, push, switch, and knob, encouraging babies to memorize the mechanism.

7. Tap ‘n learn hammer

Source: https://babyneeds-cheras.com/product/fisher-price-learning-hammer/

Age recommendation: 1 month until 3 years old

Skills developed: basic cause and effect, hearing skills

What makes this one of the top baby toys? With the press of any of the three buttons, melody and tunes will turn in for your baby. Meanwhile, the center button on the hammer’s head turns a backlight on with other sound effects. On top of that, there are over 20 musical tunes with audio that can read out numbers in English along with it. Should you want to control the volume lower, this sturdy hammer can have it in silent mode, which helps in quiet play.

8. Learners activity cube

Source: https://sa.pricena.com/en/product/vtech-busy-learners-activity-cube-price-in-saudi-arabia-2292408

Age recommendation: 6 months until 3 years old

Skills developed: general vision and hearing skills, understanding tactile feel

Let the re-creation of grown-up activities developed by the little one with one of the best learning toys! On the five sides, different activity on each cube-shaped toy makes it popular for the babies. Activities include buttons and roller that can light up and give out a variety of sounds. There are a total of 25 melodies and sounds entertaining your baby. The adjustable and automatic shut-off features for battery conservation enable this toy to be flexible for travelling. And, worry not, it’s BPA-free!

Toys are an evident cause of a fantastic stimulant to a baby’s development. If used in the right way and at the appropriate age, the essential developmental skills can greatly be helped out in their development.

So, it’s important to make the most of their potential!

Do you have any other toys to list? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Mutiara


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