Frank Body Scrub: Is it really all that?

Let's be frank

...who hasn't seen a Frank Body product somewhere on their social media feeds before? With pictures of girls (and guys) with coffee all over their faces and bodies. It has totally taken the social media world by storm with its fun and refreshing brand marketing. And I love it!

There is no doubt that they have made their presence known by being absolutely everywhere, but is the product as amazing as their marketing?

This infamous Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub is basically a body scrub made from ground coffee, salt, brown sugar, and nourishing oils - making it 100% natural. Also making you wonder if you could have just made it yourself at home.

After a few months of using Frank Body, I have to tell you, it sure does leave my body smooth and nourished.

*For my fellow Malaysian readers, you can get them at your nearest Sephora store for RM50.

For me personally, this product has changed the way I view body care. Adding this to my weekly routine makes body care very enjoyable and fun for me. But do note, it does cause a bit of a mess but I have a feeling you will like the beautiful coffee bean aroma in your bathroom.

The grounded coffee bean and brown sugar do work quite well to exfoliate your skin, and the almond oil in the mixture also offers my skin some much-needed nourishment and hydration. I definitely recommend you guys to try this at least once in your lifetime for a little pampering time - we all need that subtle glow, and a fresh-looking body feel once in a while!


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