Supergoop sunscreen

I use it religiously & I recommend you do too!

I have spoken to a few others that use Supergoop sunscreen and we can all agree it's the one sunscreen that doesn't suck! I personally used to use Banana Boat but after discovering Supergoop at Sephora, I converted instantly.

In a nutshell, this one is fast absorbing, non-greasy, and it smells so damn good. My husband thinks I smell like a holiday everyday! Which is pretty cool.

I got myself the 'Everyday Sunscreen' by Supergoop and use it both on face and body (by 'body' I mean my neck, shoulders and arms) on the daily - not just when I'm outside, but also when at home. Of course, the use of sunscreen is basically non-negotiable, and now with a product so wonderful, there's virtually no excuse to skimp on sun protection. Because it's non-greasy I am able to apply my foundation on top of it in just a minute after massaging the sunscreen in.

Supergoop makes other products like Unseen Sunscreen, the Matte Sunscreen and others which I have yet to try. But so far I am loving this brand.

The Everyday Sunscreen is a bit on the costly side at $32 / RM132 a tube but I am telling you, it is worth every penny!

I was even more amazed when I found out that the founder is a former third-grade teacher from Texas that came up with such an amazing product. And not some celebrity, Instagram influencer, or a 20yr old millennial that innovated it, I mean, in this social media era this is refreshing to learn - and to see that a simple product as a sunscreen like this can be at the forefront of the market. So.. congratulations, and thank you!


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