My baby is always hungry

This is a very common concern in new parents - that their baby seems to always be hungry. This will often lead to questions on whether or not their baby is getting enough to eat, and if they should provide their baby with formula milk (wondering if they are making enough breastmilk to breastfeed).

Parents can be comforted to know that frequent hunger is very normal in newborns. Small babies mean small tummies that require frequent feeding. Your baby's frequent demands are simply nature's way of increasing your milk supply to cater to your baby's growing appetite. 

If you are breastfeeding, it is worth remembering that breast milk is digested very quickly and more absorbed into your baby's body compared to formula. This will require frequent breastfeeding. In just six months, your baby's birth weight will double and this fast-growing requires a high caloric intake. If your baby is crying just a couple hours after you have breastfed, try to just hold her close and swaddle her because all she may want is just a little comforting after a huge meal!


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