Pregnancy brain: does it really exist?

You may often hear a pregnant woman claim to have pregnancy brain after a forgetful moment. Or perhaps you have said it yourself recently, and wondering if it really is real.

There may be some subtle mental changes related to pregnancy that occur as your body and hormones change during pregnancy. The terms pregnancy brain refers to the forgetfulness that pregnant women sometimes experience, and this may be caused by the stress of pregnancy.
The reason behind this may be as simple as you're too tired, or too distracted with getting ready for your new baby. Hormonal change can also cause you to have trouble remembering things, like when you suffer from headaches, shifting moods, or fatigue - your progesterone hikes are the highest, especially in your first trimester.

What you can do about it

Take a deep breath
Try not to be too hard on yourself, and breathe. Stress will only affect your pregnancy brain more. 

Write things down
If you need to remember something, like groceries or things to do, leave a big sticky note by the door to remind yourself.

Make do of technology
Rely on calendar reminders on your phone to keep you organized.

Have a sense of humour
And let yourself (and your partner) have that good laugh at the keys you have left in the fridge. 

This is only temporary

You will have a strong memory again after delivery, long before you start having your 'senior moments'!


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