Ways to save up for a baby

Not all of us are born to save money, especially when you're single! But when a baby is on the way, knowing how to budget is very necessary. We have gathered some tips to share with you on how you can learn to save some money for the newest member of the family!

Photo: Lindsey Balbierz

1. Buy second-hand clothes: for your maternity wear and baby's clothing. 
2. Don't buy maternity clothes until you really need them: for first-time moms, your belly won't usually grow as big as if it's your second pregnancy. So you might still be able to use your current wardrobe and some looser ones in your second trimester.
3. Save clothes for your future babies. 
4. Borrow a bassinet (or consider not using one at all!) 
5. Rethink that bathtub: because do you really need one? they just grow too quickly and the sink makes for a nice tub in the early months. 
6. Breastfeed for as long as possible: not only will this save you on the costs for formula, it also comes with a long list of benefits! Like how it provides an ideal amount of nutrition for your baby, how it promotes a healthy body weight for the baby, and the list goes on. 
7. Do your homework on baby products: for first-time moms, you will think you need all the baby items out there but you really don't. Research on what items you really need, like if you will actually use them, and only then make a purchase. 
8. Buy in bulk: to save you money in the long run, this could be for items like diapers. 
9. Make your own baby food: there are so many recipes out there for you to make your own baby food, they are a healthier option too! You really wouldn't want to get baby food that has a shelf life of 2 years do you? You will start to wonder how much preservatives are in them. So keep it fresh!
10. Don't get fancy toys: your baby will probably end up playing with your socks, your pillow, or pots and pans from the kitchen anyway. 
11. Shop during sales: this is probably a given but be patient because it could still be months or weeks until the baby arrives, so don't get all excited yet or you might regret it later when you see the items you've recently purchased being on half-price sale the week after. 
12. Don’t get emotional: we understand that this is easier said than done especially with all that pregnancy hormones, but don't shop when you're emotional as the excitement can lead to over-shopping for you and your baby! 
13. Buy generic brands: and not high street brands because your baby will only be able to fit in them for a couple months until that onesie is outgrown. So resist the urge to splurge, they grow way too fast. 
14. Ask for advice from other moms: ask them what items are really necessary to prepare for a baby, and if they had regretted purchasing any of the items.
15. Baby-proof your house: this can come in really handy, preventing accidents and relief you on medical costs (not to mention all the stress!)


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